Martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Hajime Tabata quiere hacer una secuela de 3rd Birthday

Hajime Tabata just finished work on his latest project, Final Fantasy Type-0. So what's he working on now?

In a Famitsu interview this week, Tabata reveals that he's working on nothing at the moment. However, he does have some ideas on what he wants to do.

Tabata says that he's been thinking about a sequel to The 3rd Birthday, the game he directed before Type-0. However, he believes that Square Enix policy will require that he work on somehting else -- specifically, a new entry in the subseries spawned by Type-0. In fact, a framework for a sequel in the "Type" series is already being worked on, he said.

Tabata added that he wants to make a console game. He's said this in past interviews.

Regarding Type-0, Tabata describes sales as being very good, but added that he wants the game to sell even more. He feels that, for the first entry in a new series, the game has received a good response.

Basicamente dice que le gustaria hacer una secuela de T3B pero que ya se esta pensando en una nueva parte de Type-0 y puede que no lo pueda realizar tambien dice que esta dicha secuela le gustaria hacerla en consolas de sobremesas (O eso es lo que entiendo yo por console game).

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