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FFVII - Homemade Hardcore Battles - Garland's Gate

Para que veais que no solo con el FFVII de PC se pueden hacer enemigos inbatibles a qui teneis un video de como con gameshark an creado al monstruo eterno, No es que se llame asi es que es imposible de matar si desaparece sigue atacando XD.

Y junto a el una nota del autor
Level: 255
HP: 80000
MP: 400
Attack: 255
Defense: 511
Magic Defense: 511
Other: Auto-Haste and Auto-Reflect
AI: Unchanged.

Well, yeah, I created an enemy only with the help of Gameshark codes. The options are very limited, but you can still make some pretty bad dudes, or dudettes if you want. I didn't have too much trouble with him, but hey, I was the one who made him, remember? I limited myself to materia you might have at this point in the game, with appropriate levels, and I didn't use anything you can't have yet. I also banned Coin because it's too cheap and would have made the battle too easy.

In the beginning, I kind of pretend to be testing various stuff, before I find out that fixed damage and defense ignoring attacks are the only things that work.

If you want to fight Garland's Gate, all you have to do is input these codes on the world map:

800707BC 0284
8015475A 15FF
80154768 8000
800F8580 0100
800F8582 0004
300F8589 00FF
300F858D 00FF
800F85A2 FFFF
800F85A0 FFFF
801B1FDA 0002
801B1FD8 10C0

This is your chance to impress me. See if you can beat him on low levels or with restrictions, and make sure to post a video response if you do. No video = it didn't happen. I will know if you tweaked the code. There's only one rule: You can only use stuff that is available when you normally fight him. Yes, that rules out KotR.

Just be aware that the HP code doesn't always work. Make sure to Sense him in the beginning of the battle. If it works, you can't Sense him, because enemies with 30000 HP and more are immune to Sense.

I'm preparing a package with everything you need to fight the battle and record it, so send me a message if you want it. It won't be ready before Friday, though.

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